Residential Real Estate

We help people both buying and selling homes, second residences, investment properties, co-ops, condos and multifamily rental residences.

 Short Sale

Our attorneys can negotiate short sale options with lenders leveraging our knowledge and experience to better navigate this difficult practice.

 Loan Modification

Our loan modification attorneys can help renegotiate the terms of your mortgage so that your paments are more inline with your financial situation.

 Foreclosure Defense

Let our team protect your rights and home. Utilize our foreclosure defense experience to better understand your options.

New York Real Estate Law Firm - David I. Pankin P.C.

Are you looking to buy, sell or refinance a home? If you are, the Law Offices of David Pankin P.C. has the experience to help you in this challenging real estate market. Since 1996, David Pankin PC has been dedicated to representing the rights of the consumer. Whether it’s buying or selling a home, refinancing, obtaining a loan modification or protecting your home from foreclosure, David Pankin PC has the experience to protect your legal interests.

In addition to being able to assist consumers with the legal aspects of buying or selling a home, they also have the experience to guide its clients through the daunting mortgage process. David Pankin, Esq. was the President of a national mortgage lender for 5 years. From that experience, they have the unique ability to assist its clients during the mortgage phase of a refinancing or home purchase process.

David Pankin, P.C. also has represented hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure. Unlike some companies and law firms, they offer multiple legal options clients with foreclosure defense, loan modifications, short sales, deed in lieu of foreclosure and chapter 13 bankruptcy.

David Pankin, P.C. offers a FREE consultation and flexible office hours. For a free consultation or to find out how we can help you protect your legal rights on real estate matters call today at 1-800-241-1977.

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Foreclosure Help in New York

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Are you facing foreclosure in New York? The first thing you should to is contact a foreclosure attorney. Just because the bank started the foreclosure process does not mean you have to lose your home....

Welcome to David I. Pankin’s Real Estate Blog

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Watch this space. We will be updating this blog with posts relating to real estate law, foreclosure defense, short sales and loan modifications. Please feel free to ask questions or request a free initial consultation.


I worked with David and Robert who both helped me achieve exactly what I was looking to accomplish.